Ta-Excel Foundation engages in the following scope of activities:


Supporting individuals and the community to make informed decisions and choices in areas of mental health, substance abuse, epilepsy, and other Neuro-Psychiatric related issues.

Health Promotion

Mental Health Education
Mental health Advocacy
Neuro-Psychiatric relateddiseases
Behaviour Changed Communication

School Health

Mental Health talks at various levels of the educational ladder in order to facilitate our efforts. Health Screening (Physical, Psychological, etc.)

Capacity Building

Capacity Building ( of persons, organizations, communities in terms of health) Needs assessment will be conducted Capacity building will be done depending on the gaps identified


Various researches will be conducted depending on the need and our interest.

Implementation of projects / Programmes

Findings and recommendations from the various researches conducted will be implemented using scientific approaches.


Partner with other organizations that share similar interest and passions with us to achieve our goal especially with Ghana Health Service, Mental Health Authority of Ghana, Social Welfare, Security Services and Prisons, Faith-based healers, other NGOs.


Physical, Psychological, Risk factors for ill health, etc.

Parenting skills training

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